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The good, the bad and the ugly of the last week (2 May 2014)

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Mario cosplay

Wait, there were only two days other than this one in the week. I love public holidays, and I used them fully for playing games and being a bum. And next week there’s another one so that people can take to the polls and make their voices heard – at least the SABC can’t ban people from voting. So, what happened during those two days when people were actually sort of working?

Best Story

There were a few contenders on this one. I’m personally overjoyed about Mass Effect coming to new generation consoles, and I’m sure Darryn is over the moon about the new Injustice: Gods Among Us sequel. But the best news is that the PS4 got an awesome new update with all kinds of cool new features.

Worst Story

Without a doubt, this the YouTuber money scandal. Big name YouTubers hitting up indie developers for profit sharing? That goes beyond publishers offering them money to simply play their games and say nice things – this is crossing lines and seriously bad for the industry.

Best ION Header

ION Bison

Darryn was back, and with him came a marked improvement in ION headers. Actually, I still like the ones we do while he’s away, but whatever – he can have this one. I think she’s Bison, but whatever she is, it looks good.

Most Comments

What a big surprise, people had a lot to say about Geoff’s article that PC gaming makes more money than console gaming. Peasants in revolt always make a lot of noise.

Least Comments

Oh look, none of you cared about GameTrailers maybe getting sold. Sorry Gavin, only 3 people bothered to say anything.

Batman of the Week

Baby bats

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, it’s Geoff! He’s back in style this week, blowing the rest of us… out of the water.

Header of the Week

The pick of Destiny

Darryn easily grabbed this one early this week with his subtle Jack Black reference. This header of the week award isn’t an actual award, it’s a tribute to the best header in the world.

Comment of the Week

Alien Emperor Trevor grabs the award this week for his hilarious comment about ET – sorry international readers, you’ll only understand this if you know about South Africa’s Eugene Terre’Blanche:

WRONG. When you find ET you get an insatiable urge to ride a horse drunk, invade Bophuthatswana & be racist.

Last Updated: May 2, 2014

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