The good, the bad and the ugly of the last week (20 February 2015)

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The Streak

Geoff just loves to go streaking. No, wait, that’s not right. Geoff was on a streaker! No, that’s also not right. Either way, the Batman streak is over – so who is the new winner?

Best Story

There was some good news this week. After a brief scare thanks to an expired trademark, The Last Guardian isn’t cancelled… again. Local African games are looking good, but the best news is that World of Warcraft will finally cater to colorblind players.

Worst Story

Project CARS was delayed into April and the new PS4 update launched amid PSN issues; the Apple watch should have been more revolutionary and gaming companies are sharing your info with the US government. You pick the worst.

Best ION Header

Wine ION

There’s wine in this ION image. That means it’s tasty consumables and a lady. When those powers combine, I must give this prize.

Most Comments

Haterade will do it every time. There was lots to say about The Order being an easy target.

Least Comments

Really? Only two comments on the comic book podcast this week? For shame community, for shame!

Batman of the Week

Bat undies

Thanks to some excellent Germz Jernalizms, Darryn took this one this week, breaking Geoff’s streak. I almost stole it away from him, coming from behind like Geoff normally does, but it seems that I just missed out.

Header of the Week


Geoff wins this hands down – Nintendo in denial. Pure winning.

Comment of the Week

This one goes to Mathias for his genius comment on The Order review roundup.

Ready at dawn, finished by noon.

Bonus Content

Despite the fact that my life has become this ad – yes, being a female games journalist has made me the braai equivalent of owning the local spur – I thought I’d keep this meme going with yet another funny video.

Law and The Order: 1886

Last Updated: February 20, 2015

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