The good, the bad and the ugly of the last week – 21 June 2013

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Another week, – another weekly roundup!

Best Story

Best story is a simple one this week with Microsoft really underestimating the hatred their DRM plans would cause and then finally doing that massive U-Turn so that we can always enjoy the Xbox One.

Worst Story

It’s actually been a stellar week for gaming so this was a hard call but in the end the pop culture loss of Futurama takes it as our worst story.

Best ION Header


It’s been a while since we had a sporty ION so this week I’m giving ION header of the week to Petra Cubonova.

Most Comments

Most comments this week goes to Darryn and his Cliff Bleszinski hating on the Microsoft U-turn. To be fair it’s an easy win when someone high profile goes against the popular mass opinion.

Least Comments

And this week Zoe’s aspirations of being the first female Batman have been dashed, not only did she not make it to the top of the leaderboard but she also received the least comments for her article on StarCraft 2 and the MLG not being friends

But to make me feel better Darryn had the next 5 lowest articles.. which makes this next announcement even more painful.

Batman of the Week

It kills me to reveal that Darryn has won Batman this week by posting this ridiculous Pokemon story that went nuclear. Losing out on Batman is hard to handle, losing out to Darryn is even worse but now losing out to Darryn because of Pokemon is more than I can handle.





[SNEAK EDIT BY DARRYN!] I truly am the Bane of Gavin’s life. Which reminds me, I wanted to post this as a response to my totally awesome winning nature this week…



Best Header Image

Geoff just has that ability.. I love this header

Comment of the Week

Unfortunately we don’t have a nice comment of the week this week and have rather chosen this one to highlight.

“I think Lazygamer sucks!!! I am sorry to say, but it seems that they only care for a few!!! Got referred here by a friend, but see if you are not part of the click, your word means nothing…. So Lazygamer, your editors (if you have any), your staff and the click, can go F&#( themselves.

Useless Biased site!”

I’ve posted before about being nice to the new people and I know it’s an impossible plea to expect everyone to be nice and open on a website but as you can see its raised its head again. Now this time however I’m more on the community side.

We’ve got a flag system available for comments that feel inappropriate or you can contact me on twitter or even email me ([email protected]) if you feel people are being abusive.

So if you have an issue raise it or join in, insults don’t work… also it’s clique.. but I’m really not one to talk about spelling mistakes.


Last Updated: June 21, 2013

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