The Good, the bad and the ugly of the last week – 26 July 2013

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Whoa whoa whoa! Where the hell do you think you’re going? Just because you’ve been paid, it’s weekend and happy hour starts right now, doesn’t mean that you can HEY GET BACK HERE! RELEASE THE HOUNDS!

Best Story

There are two genres in gaming that I miss these days: Space combat and Space strategy. And that’s a hybrid category of gaming that Homeworld addressed way back in the day when I was still using a PC that had a Voodoo 3000 card inside.

So when I got news that Homeworld was coming back, I was over the damn moon. And then I got run over by a Vogon ship.

Worst Story

Call of Duty gets a lot of flak, but no one that criticises the game actually wants to see the folks behind the game horribly murdered. That would be childish, petty and just downright disgusting.

So well done to those moronic sacks of wasted oxygen, organs and blood for living up to that incredibly low standard, just because a few guns got tweaked in the game.

Best ION Header


Paige Phillips is without a doubt the winner this week. Because all of you apparently have such high standards for ION headers, but complain endlessly when the only way to achieve those results is with photoshop.

Most Comments

There’s no denying that GTA V is going to sell well. People just have that much faith in the game. But it’ll only be on two consoles, and a PC version has yet, if ever, to be announced.

But dammit, the master race demands that they get some Rockstar attention according to Geoff, and they’re armed with a petition! A petition that got 132 comments discussing the power of such an idea. And murdering hookers.

Least Comments

Double good news for Zoe! She’s not Batman yet again this week, nor does she have an article with the most comments over the last week! But she did get the least comments, so yay for her.

Batman Of The Week


Geoff is Batman right now. And I no longer hate him for it. For you see, I have moved on, and now consider myself a Ghostbuster. And as soon as I finish this pack, I’m going to make a killing when I enter the market as a local alternative to those far more expensive potions and charms.

Who ya gonna call?

Header Images Of The Week


The 24th of July, 2013. A date that will live forever in infamy. Geoff fired the first shot, igniting a header image war that would consume the comments for hours to come.

It was mutually assured destruction via photoshop, and while I do declare that we both won that day, in reality, we both lost the battle. Which is why all those header images are making the rounds today.

Comment Of The Week

InsanityFlea wins a no-prize this week, but not because he happens to know more than he’s letting on when it comes to the Xbox One recording five minutes of footage:

[quote]Five minutes is more than most men can handle ….[/quote]

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