The good, the bad and the ugly of the last week – 26 June 2014

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Welcome to the weekly wrap-up! More nutritious than that crap you find in a roll at your local health store/KFC and even less likely to give you the runs! Let’s get started!

Best Story

There’s been a lot of talk about Destiny lately. Some sites speculate that a ten year $500 million dollar investment may be a bad idea for the gaming industry as a whole. Other sites who happen to have a Destiny ad as their background feel otherwise. Still, you can’t argue with the numbers, and if 6.5 million players managed to get into the recent Destiny alpha, then that’s a good sign that this game may be the next big franchise for Bungie and Activision.

Worst Story

We’re in an industry now where just one bad game can sink even the mightiest of developers and publishers. And while Crytek has yet to release a truly terrible game, their recent list of titles has been rather mediocre, prompting some to speculate that the graphics powerhouse may be in a spot of financial bother.

Best ION Header

We don’t often get world-class local ladies featured here, but when they do make it they hit the ball right out of the park. As you can see for yourself below with Megan Strydom.


Most Comments

Why slap your favourite organ on the table and start dancing, because Zoe scores a win thanks to an article that is all about winning. Or more precisely, celebrating a gaming win. It’s full-time and the judges have made a decision, awarding our plucky lady 205 comments after a conversion during a penalty lap and dammit I do not know my sperts.

Least Comments

Ladies and gemstones, we have a tie! Your losers this week happen to be both Zoe and Geoff, who each netted a pitiful 4 comments apiece on their articles for some Assassin’s Creed merch and first-person GTA V respectively.

Batman Of The Week


I honestly don’t know how Geoff does it. He’s been on a roll as of late, buttered up with hit after hit and dipped in the hot oil of success. But as (INSERT DEITY/COSMIC CONCEPT/SPHAGETTI AND MEATBALLS MONSTER) is my witness, I will not rest until I reclaim the mantle of the bat. DO YOU HEAR ME? THIS AIN’T OVER GEOFF!

Header Image Of The Week


Because I’m a vindictive jerkass who doesn’t feel like giving Geoff any more awards, I’m arbitrarily deciding that Gavin’s use of kittens for our winner winner chicken intern dinner post deserves top marks this week.

Comment Of The Week

Alien Emperor Trevor, you sir are a winner again this week for your Cruy Cruy comment on hair physics in The Witcher 3:

Hair physics hair shmysics. This fine man didn’t need this stuff, why do games?


Last Updated: June 27, 2014

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