The good the bad and the ugly of the last week (31 October 2014)

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Oh man, remember Return to Oz and the Pumpkinhead guy? Well, we’ve been missing our daily dose of veggies today. Cabbagehead number one is away on a top secret mission while Cabbagehead number two is busy learning how to make us new toys. It feels like the old days around here, with Geoff and Darryn playing with photoshop without me. At least it’s Friday, and Halloween, at last!

Best Story

In awesome local eSports news, Bravado is heading off for the MSI Beat IT Global Finals in Taiwan. But I’m happiest to hear about Nintendo finally doing well again, and to be reminded of the best picture of gaming on the internet.

Worst Story

Geez, Geoff wasn’t playing nice this week, telling us how PS+ and Games for Gold are both falling short this month. But it was Bad News Bonthuys who has the worst stories of the week: DriveClub is delayed without end, Prey 2 has been cancelled and Dying Light won’t be coming to old-gen consoles.

Best ION


Unlike Matty, I’m not only attracted to food. While I love some good gelato, I’m liking this fit (not just skinny) Homegrown Hottie.

Most Comments

I almost won. We can’t count the ridiculous number of comments on our Civilization: Beyond Earth community giveaway, but I was about to grab it for my post about the gender gap in gaming genres. But no, Geoff the almighty had to pick this one up with his PS4 bricking update article.

Least Comments

Don’t worry Matty, just because you’re gone doesn’t mean you can’t pick up an award. Least comments goes to you and something about a game no one cares about.

Batman of the Week

Scream batman

I saw so close to grabbing Batman for a second week running, but then Geoff had to foil my plans. It’s alright, I guess – I don’t mind being Night Wing to his Batman.

Best Header Image


I can’t help but smile seeing this image. Screw all the cool photoshop of the week, this is simply the best picture.

Comment of the Week

Well done to Viking of Divinity for the appraisal of the types of games that women play:

So… Basically what this study is saying is, when you find a “woman” online while gaming, there’s a decent chance it is an actual woman? mind.blown

Random Bonus Content

Still reading? Well Darryn has offered up his idea of some nice extra content for everyone on Halloween. It’s not safe for life, so be warned.

Last Updated: October 31, 2014

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