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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the last week – 8 November 2013

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What a long strange week it’s been. Darryn took to the skies, Gavin took to the mother city, and Geoff and I spent long hours teaching the interns how to correctly make us a sammich. Ah, it’s so nice not to be the bottom of the totem pole anymore.

Best Story

We already knew that the Xbox One was designed to stay on standby for ten years, but now it seems that the Playstation 4 is also built of hardy stuff. Good thing – with the hours of awesome gaming I have planned, next generation consoles had better keep their cool.

Worst Story

It may just be rumor and speculation, but it’s still really bad that Xbox was costing Microsoft $2 billion in losses. Maybe it’s just because of R&D? Or maybe we need to show Microsoft some more loving before Sony takes over the market and becomes the new, hated Big Brother.

Best ION Header

Diana Melison

Before leaving us for sunny California, Darryn bestowed upon us a winner of an ION girl. I personally took to google to try to find the original pic, because DAYUM!

Most Comments

You guys had a lot to say about Call of Duty: Ghosts smashing through sales records. Yes, it’s copies sold to retailers and not consumers – but money is money. I do love how COD articles bring out the comments. Next week I’m going to grab this title by releasing my rumor article titled: Call of Duty sequel for 2014?

Least Comments

It would seem that none of you care about Darryn’s reminder that you can win WWE 2k14 gear. Shame on you people – where is your enthusiasm for free stuff?

Batman of the Week

Na na na batman 262072 499x

Was there ever any doubt? Of course Geoff is Batman this week. He is our yellow knight in shining armor!

Header Image of the Week

Were sorry

Even though Geoff’s Wayne’s World header made me chuckle a lot, it was Darryn’s “We’re sorry” header that won me over.

Comment of the Week

No doubt about it, this honor was won early Monday morning by HvR on Gavin’s Call of Duty: Ghosts article about the game reportedly only being four hours long:

I do not know what people are worry about, 4 hours is like 30 dog hours.

Last Updated: November 8, 2013

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