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The Good the Bad and the Ugly of the past week – 13 November 2015

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You know what can get into the effing sea? Jetlag. Even though I was only away in America for a few days, my whole sleep cycle has been thrown out. I’ve spent most of the week getting to bed at ungodly hours, but forcing myself to get up at a (mostly) reasonable time. The result? One dysfunctional cabbage!

As if things weren’t complicated enough, I’m also cycling the 94.7 on Sunday. With a lack of training, and violent heat destroying Joburg, I have no idea how I’m going to survive.

Best Stories

The fact that Blizzard would consider remaking the original StarCraft campaigns and releasing them as mission packs in future has me all kinds of excited. I’m not alone, am I? I played the first StarCraft to death when I was a child, and I certainly wouldn’t say no to reliving all that nostalgia.

Many feared that Steam having local pricing would mean everything would be far more expensive. Turns out that it ain’t that bad. Unless you’re buying brand new titles off Valve’s platform, everything seems to be cheaper in Rands.

Worst Stories

Capcom have changed Street Fighter V’s R. Mika buttslap to be off camera. The result? A petition for Capcom to stop “censoring” Street Fighter V. Is it really censorship, or isn’t it? Either way, you know you’re living in 2015 when something like a buttslap can cause this much of a debate.

Oh, and no , I am not reviewing this hardware. NO GOD PLEASE NO!

Random Stories

Have you seen the new Candy Crush movie? It’s divine!

Too divine for your liking? Fine, watch Alessandro unbox the glorious Fallout 4 Collector’s edition instead.

Most Comments

Steam now sells its wares in Rands. Apparently this is a hot topic of discussion, because the article about the games being cheaper in our currency yielded a whopping 216 comments. Hot damn!

Batman of the Week

This is how D does it. He threatens us O_O

Ok Darryn, this is getting really old, really fast. It’s time to give up being Batman. You’ve been holding onto that cape for far too long now!

Best header of the Week

Fallout 4 has been having some performance issues on the PlayStation 4 apparently. This header from Geoff for that article made me giggle


And I just had to throw in the Moogle header from Zoe because I can now no longer Google anything without imaging those cute critters!


Comment of the Week

So who of you are using the Fallout 4 Pip Boy companion app? Is it any good?

I don’t find it very helpful, it often bugs out & doesn’t display my inventory & changing radio stations never works. Hopefully it’ll improve once I get Fallout 4.

Ok seriously Trev, please stop having such awesome comments, and let somebody else win this award for a change!

Bonus Content

10/10 would watch


Last Updated: November 13, 2015

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