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The good, the bad and the ugly of the past week (20 November 2015)

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What, where is Matty, I hear you ask? He is busy winging his way to the mother city to top up on his hipster cred. Don’t worry, we’re still here, chained to our desks the way Gavin likes us. But not for long – oh how the weekend beckons!

Best Story

It sucks when companies release a broken game, but at least Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 should be fixed soon. I’m also glad that while communication of any kind can be used maliciously, at least Sony responded to those ridiculous claims about the PSN being used for terrorism.

Worst Story

So much news that made me sad this week. Micro transaction justifications, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided delayed, and Rainbow Six Siege’s DLC characters requiring a ridiculous grind to unlock? GITFS. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the whole debacle about Kotaku.

Random Story

Gamers choosing Fallout 4 over porn? What is this world coming to? Next thing you know the Madden curse will rear its ugly head again. Oh wait…

Header of the Week

YOU WEEN 820x461

Some things are horrifyingly brilliant, or brilliantly horrifying. I’m not even sure that I can say anything about this image, except that Darryn wins.

Most Comments

Were EA acquisitions spotty, or just our memory of which games were good or bad? Apparently it took 180 comments to decide, although it might just be a matter of age.

Least Comments

What is it, cat caught your tongues about Miyazaki not being involved in Dark Souls 3 from the very start? Or were you just afraid that leaving a comment might yield a hidden trap?

Batman of the week

Word up batman

I’d like to say there were moments of doubt, hints that I might pull out of second third place and overtake him, but that would be a lie. Darryn was your clear Batman, without contest.

Comment of the week

Nothing like a fun hipster comment for a week when our Matty leaves for hipster-ville. Mistake Not.. made us laugh with this one:

“but the caveat here is that if you do venture there, you’re bound to run in to an army of hipsters”

I can hear it now:

“Ja, man, I only eat Flammekueche.”

“What is Flam…Flammi…ki…?”

“Seriously, bro? If you don’t know what Flammekueche is I don’t even.”

Weird bonus content

Here is Darryn’s contribution:

And this video is still making me laugh:

Last Updated: November 20, 2015

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