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The good, the bad, and the ugly of the past week – 8 May 2015

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Dogs are cute too you know

It’s been a great week. Nothing’s really been that hectic, and one could say that it almost felt like a holiday of sorts. At least, I’m pretty sure that’s what Matty was thinking, as he jet sets all around the US of A and leaves us to do the dirty work. I tell you, you can’t even rely on fellow cabbages nowadays.

While he and Zoe were away, Darryn, Geoff and I (sometimes Gavin said hello) held down the fort. And it was a surprisingly much busier news week than the last, although I would give anything for another long weekend. Wouldn’t you?

Best Stories

We’re getting closer and closer to E3, and the rumours have already begun trickling out. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without some Fallout 4 news, although I can’t let my heart break again. Star Wars Battlefront is also force checking all the right boxes with their Heroic system, and Nintendo is making money again – thanks to the exuberant amount of Amiibo the company is managing to shuffle away.

Worst Stories

Although Project Cars looks the part, it seems like it’s wet weather effects have a really big impact on performance. Maybe they just need to slap in an engine with more Vs, hey? Elsewhere, Capcom is losing more money than everyone did during that Mayweather fight, and there seems to be a bit of drama with CD Projekt Red and Green Man Gaming. Drama Llama!

Random Stories

I completely forgot that there was actually a Godzilla game being made, and it seems like it’s bringing all the monsters to the yard. Also, how is there already a Complete Edition for Far Cry 4, and why is it not coming to Xbox One? I like hunting honey badgers too you know!

Best ION Header


I’m a sucker for Tasty Tuesday, but more so this week because we got to say Happy Birthday to Ranting “Number 7” Raptor. Also, that seven spiced chicken is drool worthy, don’t you think?

Most Comments

There’s certain lines that even artistic freedom shouldn’t cross, and I’m glad that Valve quickly nuked the terrible “Kick the F*gott” right off Steam Greenlight. Turns out it was all for some weird, sick joke, which got a lot of you talking.

Least Comments

Do none of you play with Lego anymore? I wax lyrical about the possibility of Portal lego sets, and it got all but one lonely comment. Excuse me while I go console my mini figurines in a corner.

Batman of the Week


The past few weeks have been closely decided contests, but Geoff has decided enough is enough. He is your undisputed Batman of the week, reminding us all that we’re just mere mortals.

Cabbage of the Week


Oh how the leafy well turns. A few weeks ago I was in Poland playing The Witcher, which didn’t seem to factor into the Cabbage delegations that fir day. Suffice to say, Matty turned his back on me – but revenge is a dish best served cold. And with some boiled cabbage. Seriously, worst soup ever.

Enjoy being the cabbage patch kid Matty!

Header of the Week


Will anyone ever great a better header than this? Liam Nesson, a crown fit for a king of burgers and Destiny?

To them, I say “Good Luck”

Comment of the Week

Emperor Trevor takes it this week, because who really knows how any of these racing games really work?

But you have to drive slower in the rain, so that’s why you get less frames. Makes sense to me.*

*I don’t understand how car games work.

Have an awesome weekend everyone!

Last Updated: May 8, 2015

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