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The good, the bad and the ugly of the week (18 January 2013)

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YOU NO COME HERE AND NO COMMENT ON NOTHING. YOU READ, YOU COMMENT! BE A MAN! Here are the best and worst of the week.

Most Comments

You know, I came this close >—-< THIS CLOSE to snagging up the most comments award for this week, but Geoff just couldn’t let that happen, he had to go and be a maximum autistic grunt and write some article about Gamers are being whiny babies on Metacritic again and pretty much took it by a landslide with 200 comments! Curses!

Least Comments

Aaaand it’s a tie, between me and well, me. I’ve grown pretty fond of this award actually; I’d be lost without it. The Halo 4 finals article and Australia possibly getting the real version of Left 4 Dead 2, legally, both get shafted with only four comments.

Best ION Header


I can’t tell you just how tempted I was to post some naked breasts here… KFC breasts if you will. Or maybe some perfectly shaped buns, Steers burger buns. But I totally didn’t because they aren’t covered in tiny bits of material that pass for undies or swimsuits (which is mostly the exact same thing!)

Best ION header goes to the lovely and shapely Emily Scott.

Best story of the week

The best story of the week was undoubtedly Geoff’s awesome list of awesome: 10 things we want from the PlayStation 4. All I can say is 1080p and 60fps. After comparing Mortal Kombat on Xbox and PS3 right next to each other on identical monitors at home this week, I can say that this is and will be the thing I’m looking forward to most on the Pee Ess Four.

Worst story of the week

Human! What R U doing? STAHP! I don’t even have words to express the worstness of the Pay to be Gay on a confined planet feature coming to Star Wars: The Old Republic. How many fails for one game eh?  Close runner up to this post is 89 percent of parents are wrong about game violence. Purely because of the sheer idiocrasy society has plunged into when it comes to being parents.

Bat-Manual of the week


Darryn has been dethroned! He is now Batman to our new Batman. Geoff has stolen the cape, and that’s about it because the thought of wearing the same suit as Darryn had his panties in a knot. I’m really sorry Darryn, you’re gonna have to hand over the Batmobile keys.

Header of the week



NNNNNNNIER when you do it like this. All hail the genius of the Geoff.

Best comment

Sometimes (okay most of the times), it’s best to see a joke for what it is, and better yet to see a zombie statue in a special edition for a zombie game for what it is. This is why I can fully appreciate the hilarious perfect woman, by none other than Mr. OVG.

Just how I like my women. It just needs a handle on the back and a beer holder in the neck. PERFECT.

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