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The great GTA conspiracy

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I’m not going to lie to you guys today. It’s a slow news day. The yanks have wheeled out war veterans to tell all the kids on Facebook that they’ll never be as great as them, and any work on video games right now is practically non-existent. Which left us with time to do some research. Research that led us to a shocking discovery. Tinfoil hats, ACTIVATE!

Take a look at the cover for recent Grand Theft Auto games, from the third core title onwards. Notice something eerily familiar? No, not the universal cover design. I’m talking about the helicopters. See for yourself. Here’s one in Grand Theft Auto 3:


And Vice City:


San Andreas:

GTA (1)

Liberty City and Vice City Stories:

GTA (2)


Grand Theft Auto 4:

GTA (4)

The expansion pack cover for Episodes from Liberty City:

GTA (5)

Hell, even the latest GTA game has submitted to the aviation conspiracy:

GTA (1)

Is Rockstar secretly in cahoots with helicopter manufacturers, as they further an agenda to make air-based travel via smaller and more manoeuvrable vehicles into a monopoly at the expense of airlines? And why did Chinatown Wars use a motorcycle instead of a chopper?

The answer to all that, is maybe. And also, jernalizms!

Last Updated: May 28, 2013

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