The Guild Wars 2 bundle winner is…

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It’s time to announce the winner of our incredible, stupendous, ridiculous and other highly-suspect hyperbolic adjectives Guild Wars 2 competition. The lucky guy (or gal!) who’ll be walking all the way to Tyria with a huge grin on his (or her!) face and will have to face the wrath and jealous of everybody who didn’t win is…


One Sonny Bonds – who probably isn’t actually  an officer of the Lytton Police Department. Here’s what Sonny wins :

A Guild Wars 2 Collector’s Edition, including :

  • 10-inch Rytlock figurine
  • Making of Guild Wars 2 book (112 pages)
  • Custom art frame
  • Art portfolio and five art prints
  • Best of Guild Wars 2 soundtrack CD
  • Hero’s Band in-game accessory (offers +2 Power, +2 Precision, +2 Toughness, +2 Vitality, +2 Condition Damage, +2 Healing, and +2% Critical Damage)

PLUS! From Steelseries, a branded guild Wars 2 bundle including:

  • A Headset
  • A Mouse
  • A Mouse Mat

AND! Random extra Guild Wars 2 stuff. Ladies and gentlemen who aren’t Sonny Bonds, feel free to direct your applause or scorn at him in the comments.

Last Updated: August 28, 2012

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