The guys that made Aliens: Colonial Marines just got fired

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No, not the guys from Gearbox, they’re too busy swimming in Borderlands 2 money. No, the outsourced guys who actually made game, TimeGate Studios, has apparently laid off its entire staff.

TimeGate, developers of Section 8, were contracted to piece together Aliens: Colonial Marines from random bits of ideas that Gearbox had lying around. According to Kotaku, they’re now essentially closed, having got rid of all of their staff, save perhaps for a receptionist.

As much as I’d love to hate them for the abomination that is Aliens: Colonial Marines, I think they’re the scapegoats in this situation – and the blame should lie entirely at Gearbox’s feet.

Of course, TimeGate’s demise wasn’t entirely unexpected; the company’s recently filed for bankruptcy, following a bitter, 4-year bout of litigation with publisher SouthPeak Interactive over “fraudulent misrepresentation.”

I don’t hold TimeGate in particularly high regard (Section 8 just wan’t my kind of thing), but people losing their jobs suck, no matter who they are.

Last Updated: May 10, 2013

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