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The Last Guardian is cancelled… no it isn’t.. yes it is

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A little while back we wrote about how the lead developer on The Last Guardian has resigned and left Sony but will still be working on the project.

And now the largest game retailer on the planet, GameStop, has started phoning everyone with a pre-order on this title to let them know the game has been cancelled and they are allowed to come receive a refund on their deposit.

This obviously led to a huge amount of people believing the game was cancelled but apparently it’s not true.

Sony hasn’t yet made an official statement confirming that The Last Guardian is not cancelled and is still in development but Shuhei Yoshida, President of Worldwide Studios for Sony, has been fighting the rumours on Twitter claiming that they are false and that the game has not been cancelled.

Gamestop has now officially updated it’s position with the following statement

The Last Guardian has not been cancelled by Sony as we incorrectly stated in an automated call to reservation customers. Because the game did not have a specific release date, GameStop made the decision to remove the game from our system. The Last Guardian will be reinstated for pre-order when a firm launch date is known.

So yes it’s not cancelled but not expected anytime soon, so much so that they have removed it from their systems entirely and refunded pre-order deposits. I don’t think they even did that with Duke Nukem Forever.

So is The Last Guardian is deep trouble or is this just holiday flamebait?

Last Updated: December 23, 2011

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