The Last Guardian release date incoming?

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The last guardian

Oh, Last Guardian, you are the Half Life 3 of PlayStation gamers. Anything becomes a clue, a hint – how desperate is everyone for news on the illusive game? Well, now it seems that Sony does have something to say, they’re just looking for the right time to say it.

DualShockers is reporting on an article from Famitsu which claims that Sony Computer Entertainment is looking for the best chance to announce the title again. Development is continuing, and they’re looking to release new information, including a release date, soon.

Missing last guardian

Hm, looking for a good time? Let me check my calendar – Oh, E3 is coming up. Shall we wait with bated breath for some news about the Last Guardian? Honestly, I’m so over waiting for this game. There have been plenty of excellent games since the original wait began. Sure, if it ever comes it might be fantastic, but I’m not going to pre-board the hype train with this one.

It does make me curious what else Sony will show off at E3, though. Can we expect another Dark Souls game in development? We know we’ll get more info on The Division, but I’m more curious about the games we haven’t heard about. It’s fine, I’ll just focus on EA’s press conference so that I can get some details on Mass Effect 4. I’ll even suffer through all their sports and Sims trailers.

Are you still amped for the Last Guardian, or has your excitement dissipated over the years? Can you even remember how old you were when you first heard about it?

Last Updated: April 10, 2014

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