The Last of Us demo arrives with GOW in May

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Whoops, wrong game

Feel like ripping open a crack in time and space through your wallet? Because that’s pretty much what March is for right now. So many big games are out in the third month from the sun, and they all want to hook you in. How is God of War: Ascension planning to do that? With a The Last of Us demo. And now, that demo has a release date.

Shove the latest God of War game into your PS3, and you’ll find out that The Last of Us demo will go live on May 31, 5PM GMT. Or around seven in the evening this side.

Well, that’s what we’re betting on anyway. IGN discovered this tidbit, as their GOW: Ascension copy included a countdown screen featuring The Last of Us characters Joe and Ellie, as well as the following footnote on the cover of the game:

Estimated availability for The Last of Us demo is April 2013. SEN [Sony Entertainment Network] account and internet access required

Kind of confusing, I know. But then again, printing a cover for a video game is usually done well in advance, so this could just be a case of dates not being finalised by the time that this was done. The Last of Us is currently scheduled for a release date of 18 June, exclusive to the Playstation 3.

Dealing with the aftermath of an apocalyptic scenario involving not so groovy mushrooms, the game finds Joe and Ellie struggling to survive in a  world where its every man for himself. Heh, mushroom apocalypse. Sounds kind of far fetched, doesn’t it? But it might be more realistic than you would like to believe.

Last Updated: March 11, 2013

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