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The Last of Us getting a movie?

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Wow, The Last of Us had everything you could want from a game. Intriguing story, realistic characters, varied game play (for the most part) and impressive graphics. It has been called game of the console by many, and now it appears that it might get a movie adaptation.

Sony has registered the movie domain: thelastofusmovie.net. Now, this could just be a defensive purchase – we know how often big corporates get taken by a ride by opportunistic domain squatters. So, this might not be a sign that we should look out for news over on The Movies about casting calls anytime soon.

That said, Sony is working on capitalizing on their entertainment side of things – The Last of Us was a huge success for their gaming division, maybe it will be a golden goose for their movie division, too. I’m just waiting for the horrors of the internet to spawn things like The Lust of Us – I saw what all those deviant art people did! It’s only a matter of time until someone makes a movie featuring the (statutory?) rape of Ellie. The internet is filled with far too many sick, sick people.

I wonder if they’ll get Ellen Page to star in it considering so many people thought Ellie was based on her. Or maybe they’ll actually prove how awesome Ashley Johnson was by letting her play the character she brought to life. Either way, I would like to see them bring this movie to the silver screen for all of the master race gamers who missed out on this one.

Last Updated: November 29, 2013

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