The Last of Us: Remastered confirmed for PS4

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We’ve heard all of the rumours, but it’s now been confirmed by Sony – though apparently prematurely. The Last of Us is coming to the PlayStation 4 in a remastered package. Above is a screenshot I capped, and saw with my own eyes after seeing something similar on neoGAF.

It’ll be available to buy as a day 1 digital copy, probably packing the game’s DLC. it looks like it’s set to be a full-priced retail game.

Honestly though..I’m not sure just how much better they can make the game look. The game was a shining jewel in the PS3’s crown, and is easily the best looking game available on that old platform. As for the game itself? It’s been heaped with praise, and is a worthwhile experience…but there were just too many small things that made me feel disconnected from the world they were trying to convey. Maybe, unshackled from the previous generation’s limitations, it’ll be more believable – and I’m keen to see how shiny it can be.

Clicking on the link on the Sony Online store produces a 404…so somebody’s pressed the button a little early.

Last Updated: April 9, 2014

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