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The Last of Us trailer taken offline due to piracy claims

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And the legal loonies are back in town, yes the fine feathered lawyers at Viacom International have lost the plot entirely and have issued take down notices to YouTube for pretty much any video that was shown at the Spike VGA’s.

Including, amazingly… the official trailer for the heavily hyped The Last of Us title by Naughty Dog.

Yes amazingly Viacom have somehow managed to get the trailer removed from YouTube and the only possible logic we can find is that it’s related to the Spike VGA’s because Viacom has also forced the removal of every other VGA video that managed to exist.

Even Kotaku’s Brian Crecente’s own video that he made of the Call of Duty developers at the award ceremony has been taken down and he’s now being threatened that he will lose his entire account.

His infringement? Taping something that happened at the awards ceremony and using it for news purposes… I’m all into protecting your intellectual property but when that includes threatening one of the most well respected gaming journalists for posting a gaming related news story and then making Sony and Naughty Dog look like idiots by removing their official video then you’ve gone too far.

Unfortunately lawyers with brains are about as hard to find as caring accountants so this could take quite a while to clear up.


Last Updated: December 14, 2011

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