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The local gaming scene – what an embarrassment

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I have always been a big supporter of the local gaming scene, hell we supported the Alpacas through the last Agasa tournament and now sponsor mInt gaming as our local professional gaming team. So when I get an email in my inbox from Mind Sports South Africa announcing the death of AGASA I was quite saddened.

Then I get an email from AGASA saying they are alive and well, which just irritates me. Not that they are alive and well but at the obvious petty bickering that is going on behind the scenes and has now spilled out into the open.

So to try and find more information I headed on over to the two sites in question, MSSA (http://www.mssa-cgboc.org/) and AGASA (http://league.agasa.co.za/)

On the top of the MSSA page we see a news article re-itterating that AGASA has dissolved and anyone who wants to join in the new leagues will need to join a new club and they go on to tell us how to do that, however on the AGASA page there is no news of them dissolving or anything else to be honest. So I followed some links and cam across http://gaming.do.co.za/ which is apparently hosted by AGASA even though it is under Telkoms domain control?

They have a news story on that site stating that MSSA are the ones under pressure after AGASA decided to pull out and go it on their own.

So this is all as clear as mud isn’t it… from where I sit it appears that MSSA have all the legalities in their court. They are the ones who can hand out national colours and put forward teams for international competition, which is really the most important thing when we are looking at gaming as a sport.

However AGASA seem to have the bigger sponsors in their court which is also really important if we want professional gaming to have any chance in South Africa.

The way it is going at the moment however will just end in tears, sponsors don’t want their names dragged through the mud because of petty squabbling and gaming is never going to be taken seriously by the Olympic Committee if we can’t even organise a simple league.

South Africa is not big enough to have two professional gaming leagues and I am pleading with both sides to get together and sort this out, put your ego’s to the side or step aside., if you don’t have the gamers best interests at heart then you shouldn’t be getting involved. 

Get it together people, and here’s a novel idea; why not invite the only match creation website in the country to help out for your league?

Last Updated: January 20, 2009

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