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The LPC’s graphic capability is absolutely amazing

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In game, look at those water drops

Last week Geoff posted an article about the monstrous gaming machine that PC Gamer in the UK had put together called the Large Pixel Collider, well today the second bit of game  footage (following Arma 3, which is impressive in scope and not much else)  has been released onto YouTube and it’s better than I personally expected.

Now remember YouTube graphics will always pale in comparison to the true experience but even this YouTube video at it’s highest rating is too much for my laptop to play. I had to tone it down to 1080p to watch the video without juddering. That’s incredible.

If you watch this on anything under 1080p you should be ashamed of yourself, hell I’m ashamed that I can’t watch it at the natural resolution of 1440p.

Compare this to the Killzone: Shadow Fall footage and it starts to become apparent how much further ahead the PC master race is. Mind you I bet none of you PC fanboys could afford to put a LPC together so in the end it really doesn’t matter.

I’m still drooling

Last Updated: November 27, 2013

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