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The Mass Effect 3 weapon mods are making their way back

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Mass Effect 3(2)

Mass Effect 2 may have been a blockbuster game that helped show the world just how serious and epic games could be, but it wasn’t without some faults, something many long time fans have picked up on. Bioware is hoping to correct this issue by revamping the weapon modification option for the game, in order to allow players to feel a deeper connection.

In an interview with RipTen, Casey Hudson commented on how the lack of any real weapon customisation resulted in making Mass Effect 2 a weaker game. “We had the ability to mod weapons in Mass Effect 1 and somewhat in Mass Effect 2, but it never felt as real or as physical as it should be, and there weren’t enough interesting decisions to make.”

“We had a tremendous response to Mass Effect 2, but one of the things people wanted to see was more intelligent decision making in terms of role-playing progression, so (the new weapons mod system) one of the things we did to address that.”

Referencing the much criticised linearity of the first Mass Effect sequel, Hudson felt that the fans were being fair, and that choice must play a much more vital role in the third game.

“There’s so much stuff that we’ve added for Mass Effect 3, in terms of the number of different weapon types, the different mods, you character progression, the way Shepard is able to move around the environment, new weapons like the omniblade or hand grenades, when you add all that stuff up and you can start naturally choosing how you play”.

“Then when you get to the point of progressing your character – levelling up, or modifying your weapons – you really know how you want to choose.”

I have to agree with some fans, as while I enjoyed the second Mass Effect game, it was a rather straight forward action romp with a repetitive mission structure, and the much vaunted Renegade/Paragon system was all it was cracked up to be.

Still lets see if the final game in the current trilogy can give the Mass Effect Universe the send-off that it deserves.

Source: Ripten via CVG

Last Updated: August 15, 2011

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