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The Mass Effect movie will be saved by its depth

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Can you think of any good video game movie that has been recently released? I’m still attending weekly therapy sessions to heal my brain after having watched the last street fighter film, and that live action Tekken film gave me several rage induced aneurysms, so its safe to say that modern genre films are decidedly crap. But a Mass Effect film is in the pipelines, and can it do anything to give such films some much needed credibility again? The creators of Mass Effect think so.

"In the early days (of video game adaptations), the idea was, let’s try to recreate this, instead of pausing and asking is this a good story", said Mark Protosevich, who is penning the script for the upcoming film.

"Does it have interesting concepts, does it have interesting philosophies and themes? I think most games fail that test. This does not." While few details surrounding the film have been released, the one thing we do know is that it be released in 2012, while the final game in the series is scheduled for a release in March next year. Protosevich commented on how massive an undertaking it would be to craft a film based on the trilogy.

"This is a really rich world and what Casey (Hudson, Mass Effect creator) and his team have done is create a universe as rich as Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. It is a challenge to condense that to a single feature film."

Source: Kotaku


Last Updated: July 25, 2011

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