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The Mass Effect statue that is angering fans

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Sure, video games, if successful, can make a lot of cash for publishers and developers. But any business savvy marketer knows that the real key to success is in merchandising the hell out of your product. On the market, there are currently Halo Halloween costumes, Sonic the hedgehog action figures, and while I’m typing this, I’m also enjoying a hearty cereal that features Scorpion and Sub Zero on the box art, Korn Flakes.

So if you’re a fan of collectable figurines and statues of your favourite video game characters, then you’re most likely going to be thrilled to hear that renowned figurine maker Kotobukiya are going to be releasing a statue of popular ME character Liara to coincide with the release of the third game. Only, it looks kind of wrong, and the fans aren’t too happy about that.

Transforming the elegant warrior looks of the ME protaganist into an anime-schoolgirl inspired look hasn’t gone down too well with the fans, who have also directed complaints at Liara’s, ahem, generous chest area. Some comments include:


I think one of liara’s best features was being feminine and strong without being over-sexualized. This just…ruins her image for me.

Really? Really, BioWare? I thought we were trying to step *away* from sexism.

Good lord, kill it with fire.

Absolutely bad form. Is this how strong female characters are meant to be seen?

Sorry but that’s not sexy, that’s just creepy.

Face is awful, chest is ridiculous. Barely resembles her physically, and does nothing to capture the spirit of the character.

The Bioware Facebook page that the statue was presented on currently has over 3000 comments regarding the statue, and the majority of them aren’t encouraging. I have to agree with the detractors so far, as the statue takes everything that made Liara great and believable away, and instead replaces it with the face of a five year old and the bust of a porn star.

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Last Updated: September 6, 2011

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