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The Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Collector’s Edition is going to cost you

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Cost you $200 to be exact. The sequel that just about everyone has been badgering EA for since the first game saw a 400% increase in chuck-bucket sales when it was released was way back in 2008, is finally coming.

And you can bet that it’s getting a fancy-pants edition to go along with the vanilla version of the game. Here’s what $199.99 cents gets you exactly:

Mirror's Edge catalyst

For our faithful fans and new ones alike, we are pleased to unveil the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Collector’s Edition.

The Collector’s Edition was made to help foster player’s affinity with our heroine, Faith, as she grows up and makes a stand against oppression, represented by a beautiful adult and young Faith real life diorama that stands 14 inches tall.

Players can also join Faith’s fight as part of the runner’s group in the city of Glass with temporary tattoos, or go behind-the-scenes to see more about the game’s creation through concept art and an exclusive lithograph.

The full Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Collector’s Edition includes

  • Adult Faith/Young Faith diorama
  • Exclusive Steel book
  • Exclusive lithograph
  • Set of 10 concept pieces
  • Temporary logo tattoo
  • Temporary Faith arm tattoo
  • Storage box

It’s…alright. But unlike the other special editions announced this week, it ships with neither a fridge or a wrist-mounted grappling hook device. And after my last encounter with Mirror’s Edge, I’d have dug some anti-nauseau pills, a branded chuck bucket and a clean shirt in any related collector’s edition.

EA says the game will be available in limited quantities with the contents described above. It’s out on PC, Plays…hang on, feeling a bit sick here after that massive run in the first game. Okay, I’m alright, I’m alright. It’ll be out on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this yeAHOOOOOOOORP!

Last Updated: July 10, 2015

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