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The new Xbox 360 dashboard is rolling out right now

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It’s been in beta for a while and pretty much all the news about it has already been leaked and then it was late for it’s own release date.

But the much awaited new Xbox 360 dashboard is now being released around the world and if it isn’t available on your console yet then it will be very soon.

All you need to do is boot up the console and sign into Xbox Live, once signed in you will be prompted to install the new dashboard.

Also don’t forget this is the endless march of progress, you can’t stop it so refusing to install the new dashboard will simply mean that you won’t be able to play online anymore and in a few weeks that next game you buy will update your software for you.

Progress, isn’t it wonderful.

Oh and for all those who were in the beta, feel free to let us know what you think of the dashboard now that your NDA is no longer binding.

[Update] There are scattered reports of connection errors when people are signing into Live, I’m guessing it’s because everyone is doing it at the same time but Microsoft have said they are working on it

[Update 2] Xbox Live now appears to be down for everyone who has upgraded to the new dashboard…. joy

Last Updated: December 7, 2011

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