The New York times rings the Wii’s death bell, welcomes the Kinect into the champions circle

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While the New York Times isn’t the pre-eminent gaming media outlet that we generally follow it is highly respected and for the casual gamer this latest article will be a big deal.

According to Seth Schiesel at the NYT there really isn’t much reason to buy a Nintendo Wii anymore and while Sony are offering a compelling alternative with the PlayStation Move the new danger to Nintendo’s dominance in the casual ring is Microsoft and the Kinect.

If you’re a Kinect hater this is a great article to read to try and understand the mentality behind the millions of people picking the device up.

The bottom line in his opinion is that the only reason to buy a Wii anymore is if you are on a tight budget or a Nintendo fan, else rather go for one of the big guys.

Nintendo need to take notice of articles like this and start giving us some idea of where they are taking the Wii to.

Source: NYT

Last Updated: December 3, 2010

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