The next Call of Duty will be revealed on Friday – America gets invaded again

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Call of Duty: The Other Way

This could be a story about the fact that the next Call of Duty title will be revealed on Friday on Spike TV but then it would pretty much be over already.

So instead let’s take a look at the few seconds of video we have and see if we can see anything worth noting.

All we get to see is a city landscape that is smouldering away with a ton of smoke and a pretty old airplane flying down past the Hollywood sign and back into the centre of the action.

Obviously we are in Los Angeles which makes absolutely no sense for a game that is supposedly based in Vietnam.

So my guess is that the next COD is back to World War II and is based around the events of February 1942 where on the 23rd a Japanese submarine managed to make it all the way into Santa Barbara, California and unleashed a barrage of missile at some fuel tanks located just off the beach.

It missed but the Americans had no defences anywhere near this location which meant the submarine simply resubmerged and was never seen again. 2 days later LA was subject to a phantom air raid where the local army unleashed hell against an empty sky causing mass panic and confusion all around and years of finger pointing.

So that’s my guess, we are going to re-enact the phantom raid but this time the planes are going to be real and they are going to be followed up by a full blown invasion by the Japanese.

I bet you didn’t think you would learn anything new about WWII when you got up this morning now did you? More information on the phantom raid can be found here.

Last Updated: April 29, 2010

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