The next Tony Hawk game probably has a 5 on the end of it

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Since Activision tried to attach stupid, extraneous peripherals on the series, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater has been dead. That’s a good thing, because the series had gone off a cliff – and the next game, revealed not too long ago by Tony Hawk himself, would be like, the 10th game in the series. The last, main-entry numbered one though – before Underground, American Wasteland and the other superfluous titles – was Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4. The next one may be number 5. Maybe.

An apparent leak, from a caterer who supplied food to a swanky Tony Hawk event, let loose that the game was called Tony Hawk 5. Or at least, that’s its working title.


A spokesperson for Activision says “Tony Hawk 5” is a working title, and not the final title – which would be weird, because if it was just a working title, it would be Tony Hawk: Eleventy Bajillion.

Call me cynical, but this all seem like manufactured hype to me; like that image was meant to go “viral” and spread all over the internet. Still, I wouldn’t say no to a proper new THPS game that went a little closer to the series roots.

What I’d like a heck of a lot more though is a brand new Skate from EA – which ditched the arcade controls for something almost resembling a simulator. The control scheme used in Skate was beyond genius. My only worry with skate is that EA, as it is now, would riddle the thing with micro-transactions and DLC, making digital skating as expensive a hobby when it comes to upkeep as the real thing.

Last Updated: April 10, 2015

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