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The Order: 1886 is five hours long…if you skip half of it.

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The Order: 1886, according to YouTubers who’ve uploaded the game to the internet, will last you about 5 hours; and that’s including the game’s maligned interactive cut-scenes. For many, that’s just not good enough; when throwing down $60 (or R799), people expect a game to last them a good few hours more than that. The thing is, those YouTubers have intentionally blitzed through the entire game for as short a run as possible.

When I was a kid, I could speedrun my way through Super Mario Bros 3 in about half an hour (The current record, a tool-assisted, glitched speedrun is about 3 minutes). Does that mean that Super Mario Bros 3, easily my favourite game of all time, ever, is rubbish? Of course not. Speedruns really shouldn’t count for much.

By all accounts, The Order: 1886 should take the average player, who’s likely to explore things a little, closer to 10 hours to complete. And for many, that’s still not enough. While I’m usually very much against the idea of shoe-horning multiplayer in to a game just for the sake of it, I think this is one game that could have benefited. With its dark and gloomy aesthetic, clear opposing factions and over-the-should third-person perspective, The Order: 1886 could have been this generation’s Gears of War – a game, I personally put way, way too much time in to. With that included, I think more people would find the game to be a better value proposition.

Still, the five-and-a-half-hours that being touted is for the game being run through, skipping many of the game’s story elements. If you’d like to watch that playthrough, you can hit PlayMeThrough’s YouTube feed for the whole game. Instead of that, here’s a little nod within The Order: 1886 to one of Sony’s other games.

Last Updated: February 16, 2015

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