The Order: 1886 wants to do something different with cinematics

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As for graphics go, The Order: 1886 is a page three stunner. But it’s more than just a step forward in terms of realistic graphics. It’s also a game that’s combining said realism, with some cinematic style. Style that comes from the letterbox aspect ratio and frame-rate, in order to deliver such an experience. And going even beyond that, it’s a game that is looking to do something different with that presentation as it blends gameplay and scripted scenes.

Speaking to Gametrailers, via Gamespot, creative director Ru Weerasuriya explained that this approach had been risky for developer Ready At Dawn. “We took the risk of trying to do something that was different, but the reality of it is that it is part of the game, and one of the big things we want to tackle with this game,” Weerasuriya said.

That kind of seamless-ness, that constant question that you have of whether or not what you’re looking at is a cinematic or are you playing the game.

The thing is, nobody knows if this idea is going to go down well with gamers. It’s a helluva risk, that runs the chance of being labelled as either a glorified quick-time event or as a bold step forward with what games are capable of. And that’s a  “trial by fire” that Weerauriya and his team are expecting, as they stand behind their game and their idea to do something new in the industry:

We put it out there and see what people say, but for us it was important that as the next-generation was here to do something different not to just give people what they expected; not to just say, ‘Hey, here’s every game you’ve seen until now and we’re just giving you a re-hash. We wanted something new.

Yes, at some points we do take control away from you just like other games do for cinematics. “We give it back to you when you don’t expect it sometimes. There might be a moment, just a single moment in a cinematic where you have something to do. It might not mean much, but to us it means a lot. It’s just that level of interaction that you have–even if it’s one button prompt in a cinematic, what it means is that you are still involved, you’re still there. Your attention, your immersion is still there and without it this experience wouldn’t be what it is.

The game is out a week from now. I’ve already stocked up on equal amounts popcorn and analogue stick covers for it.

Last Updated: February 13, 2015

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