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The Order of Ancients get their time in the sun in new Assassin’s Creed Origins trailer

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Assassin's Creed Origins reveals its new villians

Assassin’s Creed Origins is taking its name very literally. Set in ancient Egypt, Ubisoft is wanting to tell the story of how everything started. How did the Assassin’s find an order to help the improvement of humankind, and vow to keep the keys to society away from the not yet formed Templars. We’ve seen a who bunch of the story for the eyes of Bayek – our new Assassin – but we’ve hardly seen anything of the Templars. That’s because they don’t exist. Not yet at least.

Instead, you’ll be taking on The Order of the Ancients – a group of wealthy individuals that look to oppress the poor and wave their hands over political events that span from Egypt to Rome. They have all the attributes of the Templars except in name, and serve as a central organisation for you to start chipping away at. They lack the shades of grey that some of the better narratives Assassin’s Creed has dabbled with in the past, but the trailer below certainly is just a bite of a much bigger pie.

It’s a fascinating showing if only for one thing: War Elephants. Bayek is a master of taming beasts (have you seen is aerial vision eagle yet?) but nothing really drives that home better than seeing him atop an elephant just mowing down foes in battle. I hope to Ra that this makes it into the game as something you actually get to play, because if not this is just some cruel tease.

Assassin’s Creed Origins is just one of the many stellar looking games out next month, coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Last Updated: September 14, 2017

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