The Ouya will be at E3…in the parking lot

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Nothing can possibly go wrong

E3 is a big event yo. Glitz! Glamour! Garmez! Of course, all this costs money, and setting up a killer stall isn’t exactly childs play. Plus, all the space for the event is most likely long gone. So what’s the next best thing for a video games person who needs to hawk some wares? Why the parking lot of course!

Having secured enough crowd-funding to create a console, but not enough to be inside the E3 venue, the Ouya presence will be felt on some tarmac, just down the road from the Los Angeles Convention Center, according to a press release via Joystiq.

There’ll be games, Ouya consoles and all kinds of electronics out in the parking lot during the E3 run from June 11 to 13, with developers being invited to join the Ouya gang in the blistering LA heat. Which is why yours truly will most likely get sent to go have a look at this, as Geoff handles sunshine about as well as a vampire, only he sparkles more.

Still, that’s one way of saving a few bucks. In other unconfirmed news, Nintendo will also be having a small conference in the ball pit at McDonalds that is just down the road from the LA Center.

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Last Updated: May 20, 2013

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