The Path – PC Demo Released

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The developer, Tale of Tales has finally released a PC demo for their unique action horror game entitled, The Path. The indie title was released in March and is said to have scored more than 81 out ot 100 on the review aggregator according to Metacritic.

I realize that the demo may be a little late considering the release but I guess they’re trying to attract more attention and hope that gamers will check out the demo and then actually be convinced to buy the full version (that’s what demoes are for right?).

The following is the actual description of the game:

There is one rule in the game. And it needs to be broken. There is one goal. And when you attain it, you die.

Six sisters live in an apartment in the city. One by one their mother sends them on an errand to their grandmother, who is sick and bedridden. The teenagers are instructed to go to grandmother’s house deep in the forest and, by all means, to stay on the path! Wolves are hiding in the woods, just waiting for little girls to stray. But young women are not exactly known for their obedience, are they? Will they be able to resist the temptations of the forest? Will they stay clear of danger? Can they prevent the ancient tale from being retold?

The Path is (thus) a game about growing, about changing, about making choices, about accepting the consequences of these choices. A game about playing, and failing, about embracing life, perhaps by accepting death.

Okay so I admit that I’ve never really been a fan of the horror game genre and I just never got the point of titles like Silent Hill. But I gotta say that from that description, I’m pretty enticed by such an incredibly simple yet intriguing concept. If you want to check out the demo then go here and for the full game you can check out the Tale of Tales site.

Otherwise check out the trailer…

Source: Examiner

Last Updated: June 8, 2009

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