The PC Version of Arkham City will be worth the wait

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South African console gamers are upset by the fact that they might not be able to play Arkham City this weekend as they’d hoped. It’s okay; while most gamers will indeed get their copies tomorrow, there is a bit of  stock shortage of the Collector’s Editions for the Xbox 360 version – while the PS3 Collector’s editions has been delayed until next week. Half a week isn’t too long a wait; PC gamers have long resigned themselves to a much longer wait – as they’ll only be able to play the game next month.

The wait seems like it’ll be worth it though.

Here’s a video of the PC version running on a GeForce 560 with PhysX turned on – and a more than capable machine powering it all. If you have the hardware, you can also run the game with extra tessellation turned on, so environments look even more detailed. The video shows the game running side-by-side with a version running on the relatively ancient GeForce 8800GT without PhysX, which should give you a better idea of what the console versions look like – but even that ancient card is significantly more powerful than the GPU’s in current consoles.

Either way, the game looks fantastic no matter what your chosen platform is – and judging from the reviews, much more than just Batman-flavoured eye candy and is a worth sequel to the incredible Arkham Asylum.

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Last Updated: October 20, 2011

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