The Pokémon catch ‘em all quest – February update

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When we last left Darryn, he had ventured into the Viridian Woods, gotten hopelessly lost despite being told to walk in a straight line for five meters and was now on the verge of creating a new underground society where he would be king of the Metapods. All of the Kanto region would tremble before the immobile might of his new army! Hard fists, soft chins! The martial arts of passive resistance!

After that short episode of delusions of grandeur was over, I once again got back to work on completing the Pokedex. But this time, I was taking things a tad bit slower. One thing I’m worried about, is that I’m going to get Pokémon fatigue. So I decided to concentrate on catching harder to find Pokémon. Thankfully, some kind souls on Reddit helped me out, as I had been unable to capture certain Legendries until that point.

Having traded for a Palkia, I now had a matching pair of Sinnoh mascots that I could use to finally capture the mythic Giratina. This might sound like pure gibberish to people who don’t play Pokémon, but you have no idea how happy I was to finally capture that damn Pokémon. And then one day last month, something magical happened. Every day in Pokémon, a new island appears.

Some of them are great spots to train your favourite beasts (Freakin’ die already Audino), or locations that help you catch a few uncommon critters. Others are filled with fossils, and certain items that can help boost your pocket monsters. But if you’re lucky, damn lucky, you might randomly receive the chance to visit an island that happens to be home to an super-rare Legendary, Cresselia. A moon-powered psychic flyer, Cresselia has been one of the most sought-after Pokémon that I’ve been aching to find, and I swear that catching it resulted in this kind of facial expression from me:


So in closing, the Pokedex has filled up even further now. The Hoenn National Dex is 100% complete, and the National Pokedex now stands at 582 captures out of 719, up from the previous month where I was standing at 523 captures in total. I’m busy working on an excel sheet, which I will link here once it’s complete so that my progress can be tracked.

I also now have almost all of the Legendary Pokémon, safely stored in a Pokémon bank box. Which is going to help tremendously when the next game is announced and I’m suckered into buying it yet again so that I can restart this process all over.

Last Updated: February 4, 2015

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