The premium Batman: Arkham Knight experience will cost you a premium price

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Batman Arkham Knight (3)

I’m obviously keen on playing Batman: Arkham Knight. So much so that I’ve already got an offshore account in the Cayman Islands, set up with the necessary R800 that I need in order to buy the game. Turns out I may need some extra cash funnelled in, as the premium Batman: Arkham Knight experience is going to cost premium levels of cash.

Warner Bros have announced the obligatory season pass for Arkham Knight. Plonk down $39.99/£32.99, and you’ll gain access to six months worth of super-villains, Batmobile skins, advanced challenge maps, extra character skins, new story missions, and race tracks.  Cash-savvy gamers can also put down cash for the digital premium edition of the game, which will cost you around $99/£87.98 on consoles and $79/£67.98 on PC. If you’ve got a local account on the PSN storefront, expect to pay R899 for the standard game and most likely several billion Rands for the premium pack based on the wildly fluctuating prices of that storefront.

I’m in two minds over the season pass content. Batman games have always had a fair amount of content within them, with the single-player side containing a usually lengthy story, side-quests, Easter eggs and various challenges. Outside of that mode, players would also be able to access challenge maps, trophies, 3D models, bios and art. Plenty of content, as I said before.

But doling out a season pass this close to launch never sends the right message. It’s all a matter of timing really, and announcing this after the game had shipped, would have had better results. Hell, the Batman DLC has actually been pretty nifty in the past. Harley Quinn’s Revenge served as a nice bookend to Arkham City, while Arkham Origins made up for a terrible launch with two pieces of solid story DLC.

That, and if you’re patient, you can just wait for this version of the game or a sale on the digital storefronts:


Last Updated: April 29, 2015

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