The PS3 hacked? PS3 Jailbreak Claims Yes!

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Yesterday, we included a link in our “In Other News” post to news about an apparent “PS3 Jailbreak.” Once again, hackers are claiming to have bypassed the PS3’s up to now rock-solid security, allowing them to play backups.

A dubitable company of unknown origin – presumably Hong Kong – has forged what it terms PSJailbreak – a combination of software and a USB dongle apparently allows all currently available makes and model of retail PS3’s to copy and run Playstation 3 retail games, as well as unsigned homebrew code.

Unlike most other PS# hacking claims though, this one appears to be disturbingly genuine, with many hacking and mod-chip sites attesting to its veracity. Multiple mod-chip retailers were apparently sent anonymous packages EX Hong-Kong containing the dongle – and many of them are claiming it works.

Australian based OzModChips has offered up two Youtube videos showing how the device works. The USB dongle offers simple plug and play installation, making opening the console and voiding its warranty unnecessary. Booting up the console by holding down the power followed by the eject button appears to enable the dongle, which coupled with a software “backup manager” seems to allow user to back up and play games from the consoles internal – or external USB connected – hard drive.

If this is real, it’ll be a real punch in the stomach for Sony, who’ve amazingly managed to keep their console piracy-free for four years. While the device may offer some genuinely useful tools, like homebrew and backing up of originals, those features will be overshadowed by the devices potential for piracy. It may also start the cat and mouse game that’s plagued the PSP – with pirates and Sony each successively offering up new firmwares to counteract each other.

Let’s hope that we – as legitimate users – aren’t punished once again by potential exploits. Sony removed the OtherOS as a result of the threat of piracy. Could a similar firmware update remove the use of USB ports for anything other than charging controllers and officially licenced 3rd-party controllers?

What do you think? Is this real?

Last Updated: August 20, 2010

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