The PS3 might be slimming down soon

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The original PS3 was a behemoth when it launched. It was the Spruce Goose of consoles, putting the Magnavox to shame. Fast forward a few years, and Sony rolls out a newer, slimmer model, which sells brilliantly. And now, it appears that Sony has been sticking its finger down the throat of the PS3 even further, because it just might be getting a little thinner soon.

According to a Federal Communications Commission filing, an even slimmer model is coming, with a recent patent for new model numbers lending some weight to the details that Eurogamer dug up.

The model numbers are CECH-4000A and CECH-4000B, while the current PS3 model number is CECH-3000. The FCC filing doesn’t mention any specific dimensions, but considering how Sony brought out a tinier version of the PS2 console towards the end of that device lifetime, we could be looking at the final iteration of the PS3 before a successor device is announced.

Last Updated: July 5, 2012

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