The PS3 owns Europe and Japan

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Connor's in the disc-drive.

We all know that in the land of Apple Pie, frivolous lawsuits and Honey Boo Boo that Microsoft’s Xbox 360 is king of the consoles – consistently outselling the competition, month after month. That’s certainly not the case in the rest of the world though.

According to some new stats released by an unlikely source, Nintendo, it shows that the Wii has run out of steam, and is now in third place in all territories – a far cry from when the system was essentially printing money for the Japanese gaming giant.

In Europe (which we’re usually bundled with) – and indeed Japan, it’s the PlayStation 3  that comes out on top. It should come as no surprise really; Europe has traditionally been Sony territory – and Japanese are fiercely loyal, and haven’t embraced the 360 at all – in fact, it doesn’t even feature on the graphs, so weak is its Nipponese install base.




I know, from speaking to retailers and distributors that the PS3 is certainly the bigger selling system locally – especially in terms of software sales, echoing the European charts (albeit on a much smaller scale) and I truly believe that when this generation is done and dusted, the PS3 will have a larger global install base than the 360.

At this stage though, does it really matter?

Last Updated: October 26, 2012

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