The PS4 launch line-up may have just gotten worse

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I’ve got a pre-order for a PlayStation 4, though I honestly have no idea why. There’s very little in the launch line-up that I actually want to play. There’s maybe, maybe Killzone: Shadow Fall – but I’m not a big fan of shooters. There was Watch Dogs, but we know that that’s been delayed. And it looks like another one of the system’s launch titles might only be released next year.

According to a number of sneaky sources from all over the internet, PS4 launch racer DriveClub may be delayed to next year.

The rumour started with "an anonymous source" telling The Same Coin that Evolution Studio’s DriveClub, originally set to launch alongside the PS4, has been delayed to next year. "Treat this as 100% rumour for now," they say. "Hopefully it will turn out to be false." Another ninja source, however, confirmed the delay with Kotaku.

And adding a wee bit more to the rumour’s veracity is neoGAF user Famousmortimer, usually quite correct about these things, who says that he’s heard the game will be delayed.

“who I heard it from someone I trust,” he said. “That’s all I can say. This person isn’t working on the game and could be wrong. I trust that it isn’t wrong.

A pared-down version of DriveClub was meant to be the free game for members of PlayStation Plus – and if the delay is true, Sony’s probably scrambling to find a suitable replacement. With Watch Dogs and The Crew only coming later in 2014, and DriveClub possibly being delayed as well, the next gen launch is even less exciting.

Honestly, as far as launch games go, The Xbox One is the system to get in my  opinion. Dead Rising 3 has gone from interesting to incredible in the short time from E3 to this year’s rAge, and Forza 5, as you already know, looks pretty damned fantastic. Plus, there’s always Peggle 2.

Last Updated: October 17, 2013

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