The PS4 to use Xbox Live-styled premium subscription

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The PlayStation 4 is probably being revealed later today (technically tomorrow morning here in SA) at an event in New York that Sony’s calling “The Future of PlayStation.” Well, I  – and just about everyone else – hope they’re announcing the PS4, or the future of PlayStation is going to be filled with pitchforks. There might be a few pitchforks anyway, because the latest rumours suggest that the PS4 will use a subscription service for most of its online features, not unlike Xbox Live.

That’s according to another fresh batch of rumours from ninja sources, this time from Kotaku. They say that the PS4’s online will be driven by a new premium subscription service that’ll be called “PlayStation World.”

While it’s unclear whether or not you’ll have to pay to play online – but it will likely be necessary for one of the system’s new features; the ability to control your PS4 using a smartphone or tablet. You’ll be able to chat with your PS4 friends or purchase games from the Sony Entertainment Network – and automatically downloaded them your machine.

The same sources say that there will be two models of the PlayStation 4 available when it releases in North America in November, retailing for $429 and $529 respectively (which is in the same general ballpark as the £300 cited earlier)  – though pricing information is only expected at E3.

Sony’s premium online service will no doubt be an evolution of PlayStation Plus and will still offer you a ton of value, but how does the prospect, the mere possibility that you’ll have to pay to play online sit with you? It’s not an unsurprising move if it does happen; Microsoft currently makes in excess of $625 million a year in subscriptions

Last Updated: February 20, 2013

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