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The PSP is Dead, Long Live the PSP

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Rumour around these here internets is that Sony is starting to officially nix development support for their aging handheld.

According to French site PSPGen, PSP developers have started receiving word from Sony that they’ll no longer be supplying development or testing kits. Is this a portent to the imminent announcement of the oft-rumoured, undoubtedly in development PSP 2? Probably.

Apparently the messages developers have been getting reads :

SCEE will no longer be selling the PSP Development Tool (DTP-T2000A) or Testing Tool (DTP-H2500A) past November 15th. Please order in advance if you require these development units.

We will advise you when a new model becomes available

With Nintendo’s next generation handheld expected in March next year, it would be entirely unsurprising if Sony were beginning to try focus towards their next portable gaming system. The question though, is if it’ll topple Nintendo’s tech, and if it’ll finally have the dual analogues people have been asking for since 2005.

I don’t think I’m going to purchase both handhelds this time around, and considering how fantastic the 3DS’ line up is, Sony’s going to have to really wow me to get me pick their mobile platform over Nintendo’s.

Source : Exophase

Last Updated: October 7, 2010

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