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The secret bunkers in Apex Legends might be opening very soon

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The fifth season of Apex Legends has been a grand old time for players as Respawn’s battle royale shooter has arguably never been in a better spot. While plenty of folks were disheartened (and more than a little sad) that beloved character Pathfinder was nerfed into oblivion when the season launched roughly a month ago, Fortune’s Favour has proven to be an excellent season of content thus far. With the introduction of new legend Loba Andrade, Season 5’s storyline largely follows her efforts to recover some kind of artefact that will let her take revenge on robot-man-spider-assassin-thing Revenant but what that hidden contraption is… well, no one knows right now. It might have something to do with all the locked bunkers that have cropped up across King’s Canyon following the destruction of Skull Town. All four bunkers look like massive vault doors sealed into the ground and none of them can be opened. Yet.

Dataminer Shrugtal has apparently been able to not only identify when these bunkers will unlock but also what players will be able to locate within them. Posting his findings on Twitter, he revealed that every bunker will initially unlock but then take a few days to fully open up to such a degree that it can be explored. The first bunker unlocks on 16 June and eventually opens up on 23 June with the rest of the bunkers following a similar pattern until all four are opened. Players can expect to find some great legendary loot inside them, including a gold knockdown shield, a fully-kitted Prowler, a legendary Sentinel and a Havoc with all the bells and whistles. These won’t be found all in a single bunker but rather spread out across all four in set locations – so expect some serious close-quarter firefights if you want to raid the good stuff.


Exciting times for Apex players, many of whom have probably already noticed that massive doors just got plonked randomly across the map. It’s encouraging to see Respawn working on smaller, long-term additions to the game that will probably build to something impactful and exciting. My personal theory is that Loba is currently working on finding components to build a Titan to eventually destroy Revenant, tying Apex Legends closer to the Titanfall mythos.

Last Updated: June 10, 2020

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