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The Sims 3 Diesel Stuff Pack review – Jeans Genies

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A new stuff pack has arrived for the Sims 3. This time it’s Diesel themed items. Is it a worthy addition to your collection or just a quick cash in using the popularity of a brand name?

The Sims 3 team really excels at recreating real life objects and clothing. In particular, the jeans look rather realistic, down to the fashionably faded bits.

For when you can't afford to be a complete douchebag in real life.

This Diesel Stuff Pack contains a number of clothing items for both male and female Sims, most of them separate tops and bottoms. There are a few outfits like dresses for females, but none for males. Most of the items are everyday clothing, with one or two swimwear and underwear items, mostly for females. You’ll see a lot of jeans in this pack, which should come as no surprise as Diesel are well known for their jeans. Other items include various Diesel branded shirts and recreations of some of their other clothing.

Now, whether you’ll be impressed with the selection will depend entirely on your taste in fashion. I’ve never been one for designer clothing, and find most ‘fashionable’ clothing rather hideous. Seeing digital representations of these fashions did not change my opinion. If you’re more into fashion, take a look at the screenshots for the game to see if you’ll like the outfits for your Sims.


Sadly, this is another stuff pack that has no content for teens or younger, not so much as a t-shirt. All the clothing items are for young adults and older. There are also no hairstyles, which is a great disappointment – the hairstyle maketh the Sim (if you ask me).

In the Build/Buy department, there is a handful of new furniture, about a dozen items. These include a lounge suite, a bed and a dining table, as well as a few lamps. The couches are pretty nice, but I must admit I found the tables to be a bit strange with their complicated patterns on top. I can’t see myself using them. The furniture is nice enough, but nothing really stood out as a must have.

Not included.

A similar stuff pack came out for the Sims 2 – H & M Fashion Stuff. That too contained recreations of real fashions, but other than that, felt more like an advertisement than a proper Sims pack. I thought the fashions in that were hideous too (I should point out here that even my sister, who IS into fashion, agreed on that one). This Diesel stuff pack doesn’t feel any different for me. A lovely advertisement for Diesel, but pretty empty otherwise. If you like fashion, you may like this. If not, there are plenty of other stuff packs with much more interesting themed items and clothing that you may enjoy.


Or you could hold out for the Sims 3 Supernatural, a new expansion pack coming up in September

Last Updated: July 26, 2012

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