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The Telkom Do Gaming Championship 2014 results

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There may have been thousands of us enjoying the expo at rAge, but one floor below, the Do Gaming Championship was taking place. I snuck down for a sneak peek, only to be met with random teams shouting victory, and others burying their faces into their hands in defeat. The competition was as heated as ever! Here are your winners for this years DGC in their respective games.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

I used to play Counter-Strike competitively many years ago, so I know exactly how stressful it can be. Bravado managed to keep their composure throughout, beating iFG in the final to claim the title for the second year in a row. iFG were responsible for arguably the biggest upset of the tournament though, defeating DC, the tournament favourites, in the semi-final. Regardless, well played to both them and Bravado!

Dota 2

Were I not busy filming interviews and doing other general work, I would have been firmly planted downstairs, spectating my favourite game. The 6.82 patch for Dota 2 has mixed the game meta up, meaning anything could happen. Bravado Blue have adapted to the new changes, and they defeated Energy eVo in the final to secure the top spot.

League of Legends

The other MOBA giant, League of Legends, also saw some intense competition. It had eN’Re Vera taking on iM’Raptum. Energy proved to be too strong, taking the top spot and its spoils too.

Battlefield 4

Battlefield is a game I have honestly not spectated competitively. I’d imagine it’s all manners of chaos, and highly enjoyable to watch though. According to Telkom Gaming, this year’s BF4 competition was crazy, as no team clearly stood head and shoulders above the others. It was incredibly competitive! Still, there has to be a winner, and that was ApG.Apollo who defeated [dM] in the finals. There is no video interview following the final (it will be up later this week), but there is one with Apollo just after they secured their place in the final.

Call of Duty: Ghosts

The Ghosts tournament saw a battle of arguably the biggest eSports organisations in South Africa – Bravado and Energy. Energy proved to be stronger, grabbing the Ghosts DGC title for themselves.


There were other games being played too. These are all the results I have been able to find thus far though.I only got to spend a brief amount of time downstairs at the DGC, but from what I have heard, this year’s championship ran smoothly. It was also nice to see separate booths where casters could commentate their respective games too.

The prizes this year were also spectacular, so hats off to all who came on board. It may be tough topping this championship in 2015, but I definitely think it is possible. eSport in South Africa has never looked better, and I can’t wait to see it grow further.

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Last Updated: October 13, 2014


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      Omg I can see your face saying yours comments when I read them now O_O #GingersEverywhere 😛


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    At least they’re “do”ing something.


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    If any of them are half as good as the Southern Barbarians then we can only expect great things for them. Unless they are affiliated with those people.


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    Battlefield casting was the best. Thanks to Ph4tso and s3xy_j0nny for the casting.


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