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The ten most brutal fatalities of Mortal Kombat 11

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MK Fatality (3)

Mortal Kombat without blood is like imagining if WWE boss Vince McMahon wasn’t crazier than a sack full of honey badgers. No seriously, check this out:


Anyway, Mortal Kombat 11 doesn’t disappoint when it comes to gore. If Mortal Kombat X raised the bar on what a finishing move could be, then the eleventh game in the series has taken said bar and used it to viciously bash the brains of its predecessor in. There’s more crimson than ever before, character models are massively detailed and they happen to contain sacks of organs which spill out in horrendous fashion.

Naturally, we’re all big fans of this, and after having spent an afternoon heaving into a paper bag, we think we’ve come up with the definitive list of the gnarliest and most gruesome fatalities…so far. Here’s our list:

D’Vorah – New Species

MK Fatality (4)

We’re starting this list off with a big one, because once you see D’Vorah vomit maggots into the mouth of her opponent and then watch said opponent explode in a shower of insect terror, you’ll never sleep again.

Johnny Cage – Welcome to Mr. Cage’s Neighbourhood

MK Fatality (2)

It may not be the bloodiest fatality on this list by a long-shot, but there’s something truly unsettling about seeing Hollywood heartthrob Johnny Cage rip a man’s torso off and then use it for the most disturbing thing you could ever think of: Improv comedy.

Kitana – Gore-nado

MK Fatality (5)

Anyone can spill blood in Mortal Kombat, but not a single warrior can beat Princess Kitana when it comes to ripping an enemy apart without getting a single drop of the stuff on her. That’s royalty for you.

Baraka – Food For Thought

MK Fatality (6)

Look, seeing a head sliced off, bashed open and a brain eaten in one go is pretty heavy stuff on its own, but for some reason I just cannot stop thinking about how Baraka rips off your face to do that.

Sub-Zero – Ice-Cutioner

MK Fatality (7)

A fantastic remix of a classic, Sub-Zero’s signature finisher goes the extra step thanks to some added effects and some stellar sound design that makes his spine removal technique that much more stomach-churning to watch and listen to.

Scorpion – Chain Reaction

MK Fatality (8)

Not to be outdone, Scorpion’s Chain Reaction may be light on blood, but the sheer agony of seeing his hellfire channeled through his chains as they slowly burn their way through a victim makes for some painful viewing.

Jacqui Briggs – Spider Mines

MK Fatality (9)

Jax may have a few disappointing finishers in Mortal Kombat 11, but at least his daughter Jacqui is there to pick up the slack, thanks to some cutting edge technology that makes for one hell of an anatomy lesson.

Geras – Peeling Back

MK Fatality (10)

Top tip: If your back ever feels sore, never ever ask Geras to help straighten you out. He’s pretty much only slightly less dangerous than your regular chiropractor.

Noob Saibot – Double Trouble

MK Fatality (11)

I’m still trying to figure out just how the hecll Netherrealm managed to pull this off, as Noob Saibot’s Double Trouble is a gory and brutal masterclass in using the Unreal Engine 3 to its maximum potential.

Kung Lao – Meat Slicer

MK Fatality (1)

Round and round your opponent goes, and where their entrails en up only Kung Lao will know! I bet Liu Kang’s best friend must have been kind of unpopular in Shao Lin primary school, thanks to these playground shenanigans involving his pointy Oddjob hat.

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