The Top 10 Live Titles for this week

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Well not to much has changed in the last while on Live!.

Gears of War reigns supreme, Crackdown is making it’s way up slowly and R6 is still a firm favourite…

It is yet more proof of how many Americans are online to see Madden still happily sitting in the middle of the charts and GRAW2 looks like a surefire winner since the demo has hit #5 already….

Xbox 360 Titles for the week of 2/26
1 Gears of War (#1)
2 Crackdown (#3)
3 Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas (#2)
4 Call Of Duty 3 (#4)
5 GRAW 2 MP demo (–)
6 Madden NFL 07 (#6)
7 Crackdown demo (#5)
8 Lost Planet (#7)
9 Oblivion (#8)
10 GRAW (–)

Source: Live top ten: Sin City descends – Xbox 360 Fanboy

Last Updated: March 6, 2007

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