The unannounced features in PlayStation 4 firmware 2.0

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Sony’s latest PlayStation update came with a bunch of new features and abilities, one of which was the ability to turn your angular console in to a very expensive paperweight. It’s not the only hidden or unannounced improvement. It seems that Sony’s snuck in a wealth of other little additions and updates to make the PlayStation 4 a better system. When it wasn’t breaking them.

Here’s a list of new things users have discovered, as collated by Gamepur:

  • When you get a trophy there’s a PS button notification, and if you press it, it takes you to the trophy you just earned.
  • You can set how long to charge your controller or devices when the console is in standby so it won’t be always on or always off.
  • Massive Audio Improvement To Party Chat
  • In Game Sessions section in the Friend List
  • If you watch a Twitch stream on the PS4 you can use emotes such as Kappa.
  • Now you can “force” to look for update on games. If you click “Options”-button their now is a choice that says “Look for updates”
  • When watching Live Streams, now you can browse through the list without stopping the broadcast you were currently watching. It will minimize it to a thumbnail while you are on the list.
  • You can use chroma key for camera when streaming, stream party chat, move the camera on the overlay, and sub from live from PlayStation
  • If you hover over the party icon (on the home screen), existing parties will cycle through the members so you can see who is in it without having to even click the icon.
  • When downloading an application/game, if you press on the app tile, instead of showing a progress bar with the percentage completed, it now shows the amount downloaded/total amount to load game with an estimated time for completion.
  • Mouse can be used now
  • Twitch Icons are now compatible with Live From PlayStation
  • You can edit your overlay and move the face cam position during streaming

The only thing I’d really noticed is the vastly improved voice chat, while Darryn and I chatted trying (fruitlessly) to get SharePlay to work. that and the fact that you can finally, finally pause downloads. Unfortunately changes to gameplay streaming and the inclusion of SharePlay mean absolutely nothing to those of us in SA.

Last Updated: October 30, 2014

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